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Ikea Furniture Stores

Ikea are a furniture retailer that have furniture stores across the UK. They supply a wide range of Bedroom, Dining and Living room furniture. Currently their average rating on review sites is as follows:-

Ikea Review Score: ★★½☆☆ 

Ikeas offer is mainly of a wide range of styles but mainly modern. The price point should be considered along the budget price range. Most of their furniture is Flat Packed. In fact they are a worldwide brand known for this very feature.

Here are the reviews we found for Ikea across a number of Review Sites.

Review Centre Summary

Ikeas Review Centre Score ★★☆☆☆ 

There are currently 114 reviews on Ikea for Review Centre. Overall they are very much a Mixed bag. The reviews have a general theme of poor customer service and poor materials. However it was not all doom and gloom and you can see that Ikea do have something of a cult following by some of their customers.Here are a few quotes from reviewers at Review Centre

Having read some of the other reviews I felt I had to add my two pence worth. I can not begin to tell you just how happy I am as an avid Ikea fan.

Customer service center and employees were not helpfull at all. I did not know why they were there when they were not helpfull.


Ikeas Ciao Score ★★★★☆ 

There are currently 205 reviews on Ciao for Ikea. Overall they are very much positive. The reviews have a general theme of sharing an experience of being fans of the company and once again reflect the loyal customer base that Ikea has.Here are a few quotes from reviewers at Ciao

Ikea is one of those stores you either love or hate. I’m afraid I fall into the category of those who love it!

The IKEA catalogue is no exception, and is probably one of the better ones I’ve seen, since it gives a very good representation of the store itself.

Dooyoo Summary

Ikeas Dooyoo Score ★★★★☆ 

There are currently many reviews on Dooyoo for Ikea. Overall they are very much report a good result for the company. The reviews have a general theme of outlining the wide range of styles the company has to offer.Here are a few quotes from reviewers at Dooyoo

We chose the Pax / Nexus system, and the advantage is that everything is within your control.

Ikea has a wide range of bedroom furniture in a number of designs and a wide range of items in each design including blanket boxes, shoe racks and mirrors.

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